2019_RL_whatislemperOriginal Chicken (Ayam Original)

∙ savoury chicken flavourfully marinated without chilli

SIGNATURE Spicy Chicken (Ayam Pedas)

∙ house special formula infused with the right amount of heat

Extra Spicy Chicken (Ayam Extra Pedas)

∙ burst of heat from the chilli padi will ignite tastebuds

Beef Rendang (Rendang Sapi)

∙ shreds of beef cooked in the classic, spiced coconut gravy

Mutton Satay (Sate Kambing)

∙ succulent mutton prepared in sweet, peanutty, satay marinade

Tuna (Ikan)

∙ delightful blend of spices and tuna for seafood lovers

Spicy Vegetarian

∙ vegetarian lemper made with tempe and our house special spicy formula

Flavour Price for Packs of 3 Price for Preorder ONLY Box of 10
Original Chicken 6.4 20
Signature Spicy Chicken 6.4 20
Extra Spicy Chicken 6.4 20
Beef Rendang 7.4 24
Mutton Satay 7.4 24
Tuna 6.4 20
Spicy Vegetarian 20