Premium Lapis Legit

The soft caramel sensation in our Premium Lapis Legit cakes is derived from raw brown sugar – one of the choice ingredients that gives our cakes that distinct flavour. The gentle sweetness of brown sugar blends well in the soft, perfectly handmade layers of RL cakes.

 • Less sweet (Brown Sugar only)
 • Less oily
 • Premium quality ingredients

The classic Original and Prune Lapis are favourites that make the best gifts for any occasion. 

Our bestselling Fresh Chempedak Lapis has generous chempedak toppings and pulps that make it the most fragrant cake.

Cheese adds a mild, creamy undertone to the Lapis cake with unique fluffiness that pleases young children. 

Mocha Almond fuses the earthy mix of coffee and cocoa with slivers of almond, adding a hint of modernity to the traditional layered cake.

FlavourHalf LoafFull LoafFull (Dimension)Full (Weight)
Fresh Chempedak$40$7818cm by 18cm1.2kg
Prune$35$6818cm by 18cm1.2kg
Original$30$5818cm by 18cm1.1kg
Cheese$30$5818cm by 18cm1.1kg
Mocha Almond$30$5818cm by 18cm1.1kg
Highlights for GiftingPrice
Surcharge for slicing or cutting per cake$3
Decor For Lapis Half$6
Decor For Lapis Full, with Clear Cake Box and Cake Board$12